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Hello and thanks for stopping by our little corner of the interweb. Winefolk is New Zealand’s leading community for folk who make and appreciate wine. Set against a backdrop of jaw-dropping scenery and venues we explore our diverse wine culture while showcasing the people, place and story of the country’s best-loved wine brands from here and abroad. Through unique ‘pop-up’ style events we bring everyday people together with three common themes: wine, entertainment and food. 

Food? Hell yes, we're serious foodies who love playing with different wine and food matches. Farm-to-table may be a trendy phrase these days, but we are unashamedly hooked on the hype. Our chef, Alex Davies, harvests ingredients from local producers to create delicious, and seasonally-inspired dishes to match the wines we have on show.

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Here are some other FAQs of late:

Do you host private events?

We sure do.

How can wineries be part of Winefolk?

We're currently planning our 2015/2016 summer Winefolk events. If you're connected with a winery, vineyard or some other wine-o-spot and keen to host a Winefolk event you should definitely get in touch with us.

Who is Ask A Winemaker and why do you feature their videos on your website?

Ask A Winemaker post short video clips on Youtube from the interviews they have with winemakers from all across the globe. They cover just about every topic from grape varieties, to sulphur use, to French appellations, to winemaking terms and techniques. Pheeeew!! We think it's a great resource to learn more about wine. We're super stoked to collab with them.

Who designed your logo?

The talented Martine Ribotton from Wildflower.

Who designed your tees and totes?

Mr Ken Griffin. You can check out more of his amazing work here:



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